Who knew Indians cared about US politics?

Totally bizarre to me: I’ve had two Indians, when asking me where I am from, respond, “oh, like Kasich.” What?? There are plenty of people in the United States who don’t know who he is, let alone that he is from Ohio. I was stunned. In all of my travels, when people ask where I’m from, I’m met with a blank stare. My usual hurried clarification is typically, “kind of in the middle, not too far from Chicago.”

Then of course, since they are interested in politics, they enjoy discussing political views. Both know that Ohio is a battleground state, and I think wanted to influence my vote. haha. One is a Hillary supporter, the other is a Trump supporter. Both are passionate in their views and very well-informed.

You know what makes me feel bad? I can name the prime minister of two countries (UK and Canada) and the Chancellor of Germany. That’s it. I couldn’t name one person running for office in a foreign country, and even though I’m in essence living in India for a month, I have no idea who their Prime Minister is. Maybe it is just me, but it feels like Americans can be somewhat disconnected from the rest of the world. Like only our politics matter. I admit to being even less informed than most. It would be a lie to pretend that this adventure is going to make me start following global politics, but I do hope to become more aware. And also to give more thought to how our policies and who we elect impacts the rest of the world.

Well, that’s enough political talk for the day. I’m curious to see the next time an Indian asks me where I’m from, what they will say. Leads to some interesting restaurant conversations for sure!

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